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Please contact us if you want us to portray you and your vehicle


You like what we do? You also want to appear here with your vehicle? We are constantly looking for interesting "types" (m/f) and their vehicles. It doesn't have to be a rare sports car - even an everyday car, a scooter or a bike can be very interesting. Often, the combination of vehicle and owner as well as the common story make the attraction of a portrait, and maybe you know a suitable location, where we can take ideal photos of you and your vehicle. Also collectors with several vehicles, which could be displayed together, are very welcome.

We assure you of absolute discretion. Last name, address, etc. will not be published by us. Any GPS data from the cameras will be erased prior to the publication of the photos so that no conclusions to the location would be possible. This is important in the case of having taken pictures in your private garage. Before we publish any data of the vehicle and/or the person we agree on them together.

We work according to the principle TFP (Time for Prints). This means that there is no cost for you for the photos and that in addition to the publication by us you may use them for private purposes. This could be interesting, e.g. for the documentation of your vehicle and its condition for insurance purposes or for a future sale of the vehicle.

On request, we will also include you in our database and contact you if agencies or film productions are in search of a suitable car or model. Depending on the request and situation, you can then decide whether you are interested in the respective project or not. Again, your personal information will stay protected. Your contact details will be only passed on for specific projects and after consultation with you.

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